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WEDNESDAY, 31 MARCH 2010 11:36

Wie jedes Jahr bietet IAAS Indonesion eine Reihe von interessanten Expro Plätzen an.

Für nähere Informationen und Praktikumsbeschreibungen: http://expro.iaasindonesia.org/

1. Orchid farm, located in Batu, East Java. Soerjanto Orchid which activities runs the laboratory process of orchid plant culture and also the marketing distribution of orchid plant. The student will allow the student to expand of their knowledge into the practice. This program categorized in Ceres Program.

2. Bonsai farm, located in Batu, East Java. UD Artha which activities runs the production of Bonsai and ornamental flower. This place teach about the technic of making Bonsai with many styles, arrange the packaging of product and also marketing diatribution. The student will follow the activity by the staff there. This program categorized in Ceres Program.

3. PT. Kamal Cahaya Putra Kendari. located in Kendari. The activity begin with catching the fishes from sea, the production process, monitoring, and analysis to the production process. This program categorized to Ceres.

4. Perkebunan Anggotoa: Its located on Kabupaten Konawe, South East Sulawesi which activities are plantation activity in farm. This program categorized on Ceres.

5. Bandeng Presto Production located at Semarang offers internship activity conducted by production process of Bandeng Presto and also the market management.

6. BIB (Balai Inseminasi Buatan – Centre Artificial Insemination) which located at Ungaran – Kabupaten Semarang offer internship at research at husbandry animal and also at the field activity (sperm insemination).

7. Animal Hospital. located in Bogor, West Java. Husbandry Hospital is one of internship alternative place for veterinary students. In this place the student will help the doctor to take care of animal and pets. They can learn how to make a good interaction with animal and emphasized the veterinary knowledge.

8. Walat Mountain (Sukabumi, West Java). In this mountain, the student will learn how to plant, silviculture, and make incisions in a tree to obtain sap. The student will know more about forest and their nature ecosystem.

9. Global Reach. located in Bogor, West Java. Global reach is a college in business, information technology (IT), and English department. In here the student will be the volunteer for teaching English to high school students around Bogor. Sharing and giving knowledge and ability in speaking English to others.

10. SERICULTURE IN IPB (SILKWORM TEACHING FARM. located in Bogor, West Java. A farm with cool climate and fresh air near the Salak Mountain. The student can learn about mulberry planting, silkworm growing, collecting cocoons, and getting the silk.

places for Archimedes, including :

1. Center of Artificial Insemination in Singosari, located in Malang, East Java which runs activities in animal husbandry fields.

2. SEAMEO Biotrop. SEAMEO BIOTROP provides services and consultation for institutions and community. Services are based on SEAMEO BIOTROP Programme Thrusts. The Services include laboratory analysis and tissue culture, while consultation includes tropical ecosystem and environment impact, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, forest biotechnology and environment, natural resources management, GIS and Remote Sensing.

3. Participating in On Going Research. We invite international students to participate in our research program in a short period as part of their studies. Listed below are several topics undergoing that can accommodate participating students with free research budget.

* Prevalence and behavior of Salmonella in Indonesian Food (shrimp, vegetable, edible ice, traditional food) (Research coordinator: Dr. Ratih Dewanti,).

* Safety evaluation of traditional drinks through formation of radical metabolite compound (Research coordinator: Ir. Didah Nur Faridah, MS)

* Exposure assessment of food products in catering industries (Research coordinator: Dr. M. Arpah).

* Food diversification based on local food commodities (sago, sweet potato, corn, etc). (Research coordinator: Dr. Dahrul Sya,).

* Processing of symbiotic drinks (functional drink). (Research coordinator: Ir. Tjahjo Muhandri, MT)

4. Participating in campus laboratory or industrial training. Food Industry Teaching System (FITS), a department’s teaching industry, offers short training in food processing and packaging including traditional local food products (nata de coco, fruit pickle, jelly drink, cocktail, etc), local food recipes, bakery products and drinks.

5. The Shrimp Hatchery of Mata which activity to produce or to supply stock of shrimp marine. This program categorized to Ceres and Archimedes.
6. The National Park of Rawa Aopa Watumohai (Taman Nasional Rawa Aopa Watumohai – TNRAW) which have some of unique ecosystem and endemic organism such dwarf buffalo, giant frog, etc. The National Park of Rawa Aopa Watumohai is one of complete ecosystem with high variety species in the world. This program categorized to Archimedes.

7. Abalone Institute: Its located on Faculty of Fishery Haluoleo University which activities are research and development of abalone (kinds of cockle). This program categorized on Archimedes.

8. The Vegetable Research Center which located in West java on the highland area offer a practical in field of genetic, physiology, entomology, and phytopathology of the vegetable plant. Besides of that, the research Center offer also agribusiness sector in vegetable plant. This program categorized to Archimedes.

9. Rizal Orchids and Cactus Center which offer the plantation on orchid and cactus. This place categorized to Archimedes.

10. PBIAT (Pembenihan dan Budidaya Ikan Air Tawar / Germination and Cultivation Freshwater Fish ) which located at Ambarawa – Kabupaten Semarang offer internship activity related to germination and cultivation either of consume fish or ‘ikan hias’. PBIAT also offering the laboratory research activity which conducted at Centre of Laboratory at PBIAT.

11. BIB (Balai Inseminasi Buatan – Centre Artificial Insemination) which located at Ungaran – Kabupaten Semarang offer internship at research at husbandry animal and also at the field activity (sperm insemination)




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